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Re: Current Outrage

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Yep. There could be an election that gives the Dems all 3 branches of government. That's how elections work. They will then try to railroad all their legalisation through as fast as they can. But see Obama's first term and the 111th US Congress. All Dems. Things didn't go as Looney Toons as you are imagining.

Bubs, we probably agree more than we disagree, but you have far more optimism than I do. If the Dems gain control of all three branches, they will dismantle our nation in two years. I've seen stuff in the past two months that I never thought I would see, and this is while they're NOT in power. I saw this elsewhere...I'm not going along with all the covid stuff...I'll wear a mask and social distance and I'm not going to bitch about it. But, I think a lot of the rest is on point. It's time to stop capitulating to the left.
It's just a mask.
It's just six feet.
It's just two weeks.
It's just non-essential businesses.
It's just non-essential workers.
It's just a bar.
It's just a restaurant.
It's just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals.
It's just until the cases go down.
It's just to flatten the curve.
It's just a few inmates.
It's just to keep others from being scared.
It's just for a few more weeks.
It's just church. You could still pray.
It's just prayer.
It's just until we get a vaccine.
It's just a bracelet.
It's just an app.
It's just for tracing.
It's just to let people know you're safe to be around.
It's just to let others know who you've been in contact with.
It's just a few more months.
It's just some more inmates.
It's just a video.
It's just a post.
It's just an email account.
It's just for protecting other from hate speech.
It's just for protecting others from hurt feelings.
It's just a large gathering but for protests.
It's just a few violent protests.
It's just a little micro chip.
It's just a blood test.
It's just a test.
It's just a scan.
It's just for medical information.
It's just to store a vaccination certificate.
It's just like a credit card.
It's just a few places that don't take cash.
It's just so you can travel.
It's just so you can get your driver's license.
It's just so you can vote.
It's just mail-in voting.
It's just a few more years.
It's just a statue.
It's just a monument.
It's just a building.
It's just a song.
It's just a lyric.
It's just an anthem.
It's just a few words.
It's just a piece of paper.
It's just a book.
It's just a movie.
It's just a TV show.
It's just a cartoon character.
It's just a piece of cloth.
It's just a flag.
It's just a dog at a protest.
It's just a clump of cells.
It's just a fetus.
It's just a religion.
It's just a holiday.
It's just your guns.
It's just the police.
It's just the military
It's just your freedoms...gone forever.
And "It's just" the way they planned it.
2% of the impassioned can rule over the 98% apathetic.
“May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.” - Jack Burton

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Re: Current Outrage

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Master of My Domain wrote:
Thu Jul 09, 2020 9:02 pm

Bubs, we probably agree more than we disagree.
Obamacare is government overreach. I don't understand how you can "TAX" someone that doesn't want health care. How is that legal?

I was thinking the same thing. We agree a lot more than not. I like the list. I'll be on a plane to Odessa on Monday. I wear a mask (even at the gym) and try to social distance as much as possible. I also believe in science and in the medical community. If we see cases continue to go up but deaths crash and severity lessen, it should be game on for the entire country and economy.

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Re: Current Outrage

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How is Obamacare justified legally as a tax? Ask John Roberts. He wrote the decision. Obamacare should have been ruled unconstitutional, but Roberts saved it.

Bubs I agree that judges should be apolitical and their judgments should be based on the law, and sometimes that might cause them to decide against what they might believe personally. The problem is that liberal judges like RBG and Sotomayor NEVER do that. They decide what the verdict should be then twist the law to make it fit. Roberts is really no better. On big issues, he will side with the left. He is no Rehnquist.
“May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.” - Jack Burton

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