Meats Thread

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Meats Thread

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September 1st is the beginning of my BBQ calendar. Hopefully this becomes a place to drop pics and advice on all things meat related. I’m planning on get back on my game this weekend since I’ve taken a few weeks off for August heat. In the meantime, the next time you’re in Kroger, pick up a bag of this:
DAF7C236-FD72-4A68-837C-E1B8A158B174.jpeg (114.09 KiB) Viewed 645 times
You won’t be disappointed. Someone needs to put pork belly burnt end jerky in the Poffenberger’s ears. I bet they could put out a good version.

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Re: Meats Thread

Post by Blade »

What are the prices of briskets these days? Last I went and checked they were bonkers.

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Re: Meats Thread

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Have any of y'all tried to make brown sugar smokies? I heard they are out of this world good. I know have something to do over the weekend.

Image ... r-smokies/

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