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A year ago you had this to say:
What a sad state of affairs we are in when the President uses tear gas to push people out of the way so he can take a horseshit fake picture and his supporters think people are overreacting about bringing it up. Watch the video from yesterday and tell me that is the type of country you want to live in. That's some banana republic BS I would expect to see in some far flung South American country. Literally gassing his own people who are exercising constitutionally protected rights so he can take a picture that all but the most loyal cult members can see would look absurd in a cheap 80's B movie. Listen to this until the very end - it's hilarious in an incredibly sad way.
And you are completely waving away the gassing of citizens as "walking across the street" - if being outraged about a publicity stunt that results in citizens being gassed for no reason means I suffer from TDS, then I'll proudly wear that scarlet letter.
One more time - photo op = normal and happen all the time ; photo op that requires using tear gas on protestors to create = not normal and a bad deal. This isn't that difficult. At least you admit it wasn't some real statement of his faith but just a stunt to show people that he wasn't a coward in his bunker and that he's really a tough guy who can walk among the common man. *dumb
Turns out that was wrong:

“May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.” - Jack Burton

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